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Prof. Paweł FUĆ, PhD (Eng), DSc


phone +48 61 6652045

Scientific research:

  • Investigations on thermal engine processes
    • fuel injection, mixture formation and combustion (unconventional solutions in particular) and charge behavior in the combustion chamber
    • optimization of the charging process with video-assisted techniques applied in the combustion chamber
    • application of direct injection in spark ignition engines, and multiple injection in diesel engines
    • collaboration with AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies University Partnership Program
  • Investigations on bearings and lubrication
    • research on the problems of slide bearings as a part of the crank–piston assembly of internal combustion engines
    • development of computer software enabling a comprehensive analysis of slide
    • bearing operation particularly with respect to the issues of durability and reliability
  • Investigations on engine dynamics and diagnostics
    • research on problems of operation of the most damage-prone piston assembly in internal combustion engines
    • analysis of mating phenomena of piston rings and lubricated cylinder surface
  • Investigations on environment protection
    • works on evaluation of the influence of new solutions in internal combustion engines and their operating conditions on natural environment
    • on-board emission tests with the use of portable analyzers, on-board diagnostic information systems and GPS systems
    • emission-related optimization of engine operating parameters
    • research on catalytic converters and regenerative particulate traps
    • research on unconventional drivetrains


  • PAN committee (Thermodynamics and Combustion, Transportation), Polish Scientific Society of Combustion Engines (founders, members), Branch Divisions of PAN (Poznań and Cracow), Department of Mining, Surveying and Transportation (T-12), Scientific Research Committee, Polish Automotive Scientific Society, Polish Society of Environment Friendly Vehicles, Machine Design Committee at Poznan Society for the Friendship of the Sciences, Academy of Transportation in Ukraine, SAE „Society of Automotive Engineers”, Belgian Tribological Society, Societe Europeanne pour la Formation des Ingenieurs, Ethics in Engineering, European Society for Engineering Education (SEFI), European Association for International Education (EAIE), Akademie für Interkulturelle Kompetenz (ACADIC), European Road Transport Research Advisory Council (ERTRAC) with its seat in Brussels, European Automotive Research Partners Association (EARPA) with its seat in Brussels, Controle Technique Automobile, International Motor Vehicle Inspection Committee (CITA)
  • positions held within and outside the university: vice-provost, dean and vice-dean, head of institute; member of the university senate and senate committees
  • member of scientific boards of institutes as well as research and development centers, nationwide didactic events (i.e. The conference of vice-deans for didactics in Polish technical universities)
  • participation in international projects (SOCRATES/ERASMUS)
  • editorial of a bilingual magazine Combustion Engines – a publication of scientific novelties in research, design and development of combustion engines

Developed projects:

  • development of a scientific and didactic software: numerical-Pat-EV – Picture Analysis and Transformation of Engine Video Observations
  • development of a common rail control system

Activity as organizer:

  • Organizer/co-organizer of periodic scientific conferences – international (Kones, Autoprogres-Konmot, PTNSS Congress, FH Braunschweig/Wolfenbüttel, Volkswagen – Wolfsburg) and domestic (AUTOMA-SIL, Doctoral Workshops, Supercharging of Modern Combustion Engines, OBD conference, annual symposium on combustion engines (collaboration with H. Cegielski–Poznań S.A.)
  • trainings in operation of research apparatuses (Horiba MEXA 1220 PM)
  • annual student exchange project (25-30 per annum) and 5-10 scholars for 2-3 day scientific-didactic seminars (collaboration with Institut für Fahrzeugbau – Wolfsburg, Fachhochschule Braunschweig/Wolfenbüttel)


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